12 Easy DIY Photo Frame Ideas

DIY photo frames are a great way to spend creative time with your family. It nurtures the creativity of your kids while strengthening your bonds with each other. And, this does not cost that much. 

If you have nothing much to do and want to start a creative activity with your kids, this is an excellent way to start. I know there are many ideas on the internet for do-it-yourself (DIY) photo frames, but scouring through the list can be tedious. Plus, it is time-consuming. So, I have trimmed it down for you.  

I have listed 12 DIY (do-it-yourself) photo frame ideas that are easy and affordable. You will not be spending much on the materials, and the instructions are easy to follow. You can certainly enjoy this with your family, and maybe you could start a small business out of this.

Cardstock Paper Photo Frames

It is easy to make a DIY photo frame made from cardstock paper. You can make these photo frames together with your kids as a family activity then, hang your finished photo frames on walls. Or, you can place them on your side or center table. To make the photo frames fancier, you can add decorations like buttons, seashells, glitters, other available small decors you have, or paint the frames. 

Get how-to at Paper-Shape. 

DIY Cardstock Photo Frame
Photo from Paper-Shape

Origami Photo Frames

If you love doing origami, then this DIY photo frame idea would be pretty easy for you. These photo frames can be folded in a flash and are easy to make. You can use different origami papers, magazines, or any old papers that you need to recycle. If the frame is a little bare for you, you can accentuate it with decorations or paint it. 

Get how-to at Gathering Beauty

DIY Origami Photo Frames
Photo from Gathering Beauty

Popsicle Stick Photo Frame

Popsicle sticks are not only for making your favorite popsicles, but you can use them to make stunning DIY photo frames. You can create one that can be hung on your wall or place them on your side tables and shelves. It is easy to make. All you need popsicles and glue aside from the laminated or non-laminated photo. Making a popsicle stick photo frame can be a creative activity or art project for your kids. 

Get how-to at First Palette

DIY Popsicle Stick Photo Frame
Photo from First Palette

Egg Carton Photo Frames 

Do you have a lot of unused egg cartons? If you do not know what to do with them, I would suggest using them to make photo frames. And yeah, it is a great way to recycle those egg cartons, and at the same time, it is a way to showcase your creativity. Also, you can make use of those egg cartons to make DIY flowers that you can use to decorate your photo frames.  

Get how-to at All Created

DIY Egg Carton Photo Frames
Photo from All Created

Twigs Photo Frames 

Are you looking for ideas on how to use those twigs you see in your backyard? Try making them into a DIY photo frame. It is an easy and fun project. Twig photo frames give a rustic vibe when you add them to your living room or bedroom. Aside from placing twigs photo frames at home, you can also make these and give them as gifts or souvenirs.  

Get how-to at Easy Peasy Creative

Burlap Photo Frames

Another fantastic idea for your DIY photo frames is making use of burlap fabric. Burlap fabric can give a rustic feel to your photos. Glue the laminated or non-laminated photos to the burlap fabric that is twined onto a driftwood stick. Then, you can hang them on your wall or give them as presents on special occasions like birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day, and others. 

Get how-to at Living Well Mom

DIY Burlap Photo Frame
Photo from Living Well Mom

Cardboard Photo Frames

If you have some unused cardboard, you can recycle them by making them into photo frames. It is an easy project that does not need a lot of things. You can do it with your kids or have it as their creative project. To decorate these card photo frames, you can use yarn, buttons, and other small decors or paint the cardboard frame.  

Get how-to at Let’s Do Something Crafty

Old Magazine Photo Frames 

Are you having problems disposing of your old magazines? Why not transform them into a photo frame. Yes, this is one way of recycling those old magazine stocks you have. Although it may be labor-intensive, it is a lot of fun. You can do this project when you have a lot of free time or feeling stressed or depressed as it can be a stress reliever. 

Get how-to at Fine Craft Guild

DIY Old Magazine Photo Frame
Photo from Fine Craft Guild

Clock Photo Frames

Do not throw those non-working clocks you have since you can alter them to photo frames. Depending on the style of the clock, you can create your personalized photo frame at the same time re-use those clocks.

Get how-to at Rietteverhoeven Blogspot

Bottle Photo Display

It is a unique and non-conventional way of displaying those precious photos you have – DIY bottle photo display. The photo is inserted in a clear bottle then decorates the bottle to look fancier and not plain. It is an excellent project to start if you have quite a lot of clear bottles. 

Get how-to at Craftiments.  

DIY Bottle Photo Display
Photo from Craftiments

Scrap Wood Photo Frames 

If you want to do a more extensive DIY photo frame project, then try using scrap woods. It would require you to cut and hammer woods, so ensure that you have all the equipment needed before starting this project. It is fun and a great way to recycle those scrap woods. 

Get how-to at Designer Trapped

DIY Scrap Wood Photo Frame
Photo from Designer Trapped

Paper Rolls Photo Frames

Who would have thought that paper rolls can be altered to become photo frames? Well, they could be, and you can decorate it in different ways. You can hang them on your walls in different styles, and it is a great way to recycle those paper rolls to help the environment. 

Get how-to at Mania de Decoracao.


There are many ways to make a personalized photo frame that you can display at home or give as gifts or souvenirs without spending a lot. These different photo frame ideas use easily found materials, primarily recyclable materials, and are pretty fun to do. And, these projects could be a way to relieve stress and help depression. 

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