Vegan Recipes: Healthy Food For A Healthy You

As we know a vegan diet and vegan recipes only contain plants and foods that are plant-based. It does not include animals and animal by-products such as dairy and eggs. So, you might think that the food vegans eat is limited and unpalatable. You’re definitely wrong. The vegan food diet has several dishes that are deliciously healthy – you wouldn’t think that there is no meat at all in these dishes.

To prove my point, I have collated some vegan recipes that you can try. These are easy to make dishes that you can enjoy for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I have included dessert and drink recipes that you and your family can enjoy. These are not only healthy foods but kid-friendly as well.

Breakfast Vegan Recipes

Everyone starts their day with breakfast so they can get through their daily routine. However, a lot would prefer to have a quick and unhealthy breakfast due to their busy schedule. So, I came up with this list of easy to prepare breakfast recipes. Some of these healthy vegan food recipes can be prepared beforehand so, it wouldn’t be a struggle.

Healthy Vegan Food for Lunch

Here are easy to prepare healthy lunch recipes that you can try for you and your family. The recipes are kid-friendly which means that your kids are going to enjoy these foods without even thinking that they are made with vegetables and no meat. Also, you can make these recipes when you have your friends over lunch.

Delicious Vegan Healthy Dinner Recipes

Wouldn’t it be great if you can prepare a healthy dinner for your family or friends? If you’re a vegan and you have non-vegan friends or family members it would be hard to have something on the table that everyone would agree. But, worry no more. Here’s a list of recipes that are vegan certified, but can still be enjoyed by non-vegan.

Delectable Vegan Desserts

For dessert lovers like me, you should try making any of these desserts and you wouldn’t be worrying about your sugar level. You wouldn’t need to worry about how many calories you need to burn in the gym the next day, too.

Refreshing Vegan Drinks

A meal wouldn’t be complete without a drink. So, I have collated some drink recipe that is vegan and can be enjoyed by all.


It doesn’t mean that when you are a vegan you are only restricted to eat boring vegetable meal after meal. Fortunately, these boring vegetables can transform to a delicious meal when you put some effort. But, always remember that a healthy body would not only require eating healthy food but, also exercise.

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