Paper Quilling Earrings and Pendant Necklace

These lariat earrings and pendant necklace feature beautiful quilled shapes adorned with a delicate swag of tiny beads. Paper quilling is a centuries old art that creates intricate patterns reminiscent of fine metal filigree without the cost. This easy to learn craft is perfect for beginners and experienced quillers alike.

You’ll need a few simple supplies for this project. Besides a needle tool, slotted tool or the basic quilling tool with a standard set of needles and tweezers, you’ll need some glue (Elmer’s clear school glue works well) and a nonstick surface to work on such as an acrylic sheet or Styrofoam tray.

Start with two of your primary colored outline circle paper strips and glue their ends together. Repeat with a second piece of the same color to complete the circle.

The center of each earring features a pair of teardrop rings coils and a large domed tight coil positioned in the middle. The silver-edge ivory earring pair uses three sets of these coils, while the gold-edge blue design has four sets. The final touch is a beaded swag with five small beads attached to the center of each ring coil.

Whether you love scrolls and coils or prefer marquise shaped loose coils, you’ll have fun rolling these eye-catching pieces of jewelry. This unique craft is both calming and relaxing, plus you’ll be wearing a piece of jewelry that only you have! Paper Quilling Jewelry

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